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  1. 1. Yes, the click-lag is often more than 20 seconds. I have a 400 page memoir manuscript. (New MacBook, current OS X and lots of memory, no graphics in the file). The auto-save is essential, but can we set it to every ten minutes or so perhaps? 2. I can no longer edit>insert>page number. It is grayed out on repeated attempts. 3. When I attempt to create a chapter in project view sidebar, it replaces the highlighted chapter, but the manual states that new chapters are inserted AFTER the highlighted position. While I'm at it, is there a way to create auto chapter-numbers so that all the chapter numbers update each time we add or delete or re-arrange chapters? Thanks everyone.
  2. Syncing with Aeon would be excellent given how good a program it is and Matt keeps developing it to new levels!
  3. Is there a programming reason why neither Pages or Storyist have a "select sentence" feature? It is such a glaring omission given the easy double and triple clicks for word and paragraph. Logically it should be triple click for a sentence and four click for paragraph. But it that's not possible, why not fn (control, option or command)-double click. Has anyone written a script for this or some way to automate a sentence-select?
  4. Thanks for the INSTANT reply, Steve, really appreciate it (trying to get this thing off to to my critique group). I think that is the issue. The file was hidden in a novel folder I hadn't named. still trying to learn the conventions. I can't find anywhere in the guide that fully describes the file structure. I can't tell where the text file got saved to (which project). When I hit the project view icon for the text file it is dimmed. I guess that means I didn't save it to a project (that I created it separate from a project as a standalone?). Will keep doing trial and error on this, but I think I stumbled on how it exported, but it was by accident. I suggest filling out the guide with more detail on these issues. I hate to bother you with these obvious things, but I hunted through the guide for these issues and there were gaps. Have a great New Year!!!
  5. I am trying to export a text file but it is not in the export list when I use the command. There is no reference to this issue in guidelines help. Perhaps I created the file in a different project than the default (or original) project that is appearing in the export list, but can't figure out where that came from either. Thanks. I am using current versions of Storyist and Capitan on a new MacBook.
  6. Hey, I'm a brand new user and it's great to have a dedicated writing program that's book-structure capable. One immediate frustration is the rigamarole one has to go through to delete a sentence (shift-option-arrow-arrow (etc)-delete. Three clicks gets rid of a paragraph and two a word. Don't we all delete more sentences than we do paragraphs? Perhaps you can use this elegant protocol?: two clicks -- word three clicks -- sentence four clicks -- paragraph Thanks, Steve and everybody for keeping Storyist evolving!
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