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  1. Steve, I would be interested in beta testing. Posted here because your inbox is full.
  2. rjh18


    Do I need to create the style sheet first and then export it?
  3. rjh18


    Thanks guys. One more question: I created a new style in one of my notes. When I create a new note that style disappears. How do I keep that style for all note?
  4. rjh18


    Attempting to work with split views and am encountering the following. 1. When I click in the project view both views get updated with the selection. It was my understanding that selecting one view and then clicking on the project element would populate only the selected view. To get around this I opened a new project view and then it seemed to work. Any ideas why this happened? 2. How do you link views so when you select an outline element in one view the matching section of the script is displayed? 3. In using the notebook whenever I hit return a popup appears asking me to select a style (i.e. Heading, body etc.). I just want to insert a blank line but seem unable to do this.
  5. I got it to work. It seems you need to look for a black line before dropping an object.
  6. I would like to reorder my collections in the project view. Drag and drop don't seem to work. Is there a way of doing this?
  7. I want to make a distinction between the outline view and the project navigator. They are separate. The project view or navigator is on the left. The outline view is interchangeable with the script and index card view. Using the yellow legal pad is not mutually exclusive of changing the formatting of the text. Not sure what you mean by all colors are limited to the collage.
  8. Another useful feature would be the ability to format the project view (i.e. I might want to color code blocks,beats,acts,scenes etc.) Currently there appears to be no way to do this.
  9. When formatting outline elements they show up only in the script with the proper font,text color etc. It would be much more useful if this formatting showed up in the outline itself. Currently changing outline elements in the outline is not possible. Ralph
  10. Okay I figured how to set the background color of each element in the outline however still can't seem to figure out the following: 1. How to color code in the project view/navigator. 2. When I set item status nothing seems to happen. Where will this status show up? 3. When I change the font color of the text in an outline element it changes however when I click in another element it reverts back to black text. Any help on the above is appreciated.
  11. I am looking to color code my outline. However when I double click the outline element and then right click I have options for item color and status. Unfortunately setting these to different colors doesn't seem to work. In addition I would like the colors to be reflected in the project navigator as well. Any idea how to do this?
  12. Is there a list of upcoming versions with new features?
  13. I think this would be very useful feature. Any chance of it happening in next version. This is a nice product but its major weakness is the ability to print and export. Including these in the next version would ramp it up considerably.
  14. Any way to print index cards?
  15. As long as word and iworks can read it. When do you think this will be available?
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