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  1. Hi Shandor, Yours is an old post, but I only joined the forums today. Congratulations on publishing your story and I hope it is selling well for you on Amazon. If you get this, would you answer a couple of questions that are bothering me. You wrote in Storyist and published on CReatespace. seems to me the novel format in Storyist is geared for submissions to agents and mainline publishers not for CReeatespace. Example- you would not want Courier as a font, or double spacing, or first chapter line indentations etc. for Createspace - neither would you want straight quotes instead of smart quotes. How did you get over this? Did you have to export into RTF and than change all the formatting to make it Createspace robot friendly and acceptable to them? Seems a whole lot of extra work to me when it can be done without writing the type rescript in Storyist first. Like I said i am a newbie here and to Storyist. Is it possible to format a Storyist template with Creatspace suitable formatting? IT would seem to be the way to go, in which case, how does one get over Storyist’s action of changing smart quotes in imported text to straight quotes which are anathema to CS. (See Storyist User Guide) Grateful for your feedback-
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