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  1. Yes, big shiny buttons for our tired eyes! But I wouldn't do a drop down type button for this because it is going to be used much more often than the workspaces button. We need to be able to easily switch from one view to another, so I would like personally to see all three buttons side by side in the toolbar.
  2. Thanks Steve, If this is the case, then I would definitely make "My Script" unselectable. I mean, just by looking at the picture posted above, one would wonder why "My Script" is selected and it is "FADE IN:" that is displayed. Actually, does it need to be selectable?
  3. Thanks Steve for the clarification. The Zoom seems indeed well thought for laptops... EDIT: ... but is it possible to make the other side of the slider (Zoom In) twice bigger for desktop computers?
  4. I just discovered the Troubleshooting section. Should similar glitches be reported there?
  5. Allows to "View the first manuscript or script in the project". Since one can easily just click on the first manuscript in Project View, I too am wondering why this deserves a button at all in the toolbar.
  6. Storyist > New Project > Screenplay Template > Storyboard View The zoom sizes are definitely inappropriate for the high resolutions of today's computer screens. Zoom Out is ridiculously small, I can easily fill up my iMac screen (24") with approximately 1700 index cards! Few movies have that many scenes. On the other hand, Zoom In does not bring index cards close enough. I like to work on each in detail, in Storyboard view so I can instantly compare it to previous and next index card, and would definitely need the maximum zoom size to be at least twice as big as it is now.
  7. It looks like a glitch to me, or else I don't understand the rationality behind it. Consider the below sequence of clicks: Storyist > New Project > Screenplay Template > Select My Script (whole screenplay) > View as storyboard Why this does not display the corkboard with all the index cards for the entire project (selected) is beyond my comprehension.
  8. I guess I am starting to learn that I have been fooled by the big buttons on the toolbar, and it is the View buttons that dictate everything else, not the other way around. The size of these three little buttons should definitely match their importance in the navigation, which is not the case now. Well, I am just a new member here. I wouldn't dare asking for a re-design of the software's interface.
  9. So if I understand you correctly, the three little View buttons located on the right side of the Navigation bar are Masters whereas the big buttons in the Toolbar are Slaves. If this is the case, then I cannot help thinking that the interface is indeed very counter-intuitive. And I still wonder why a Corkboard button would not deserve to be granted the same status as a Plot, Characters, or Settings button.
  10. I don't like the "This writer uses" which suggests someone is pointing a finger at someone else. I would rather have something like "Wrote with" or "Created with". Just my 2 cents.
  11. A corkboard button in the toolbar. Like the "Script" button, this is a must-have direct link to an important, basic element of the screenplay. Absolutely necessary!
  12. Am I the only old-fashion member here who is still writing his scripts using only a pen and some papers before typing them?
  13. I am new to Storyist, and I must say that I too am very confused by the software's interface and navigation. One of the main complain I have is that buttons react differently depending on the view one is using. For example, the button "Script" in the toolbar does not always display your manuscript. When "view as storyboard" is pressed, the script button displays the corkboard instead. Although I understand the logic behind it, I find this kind of navigation very hard to remember and quite frustrating. Buttons in the toolbar should always display the same thing, forcing the other elements to change, like the "notebook" button does. What do you think?
  14. I second this (very old) request. I think corkboard's textures are very distracting, especially Storyist's which seems a bit fuzzy. Compare it with this one, for exemple: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs15/i/2007/059...edgal_Stock.jpg Now some people might like to make it entirely configurable, with choices of textures like this one: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs15/f/2007/073...qx_textures.jpg but I think it is overkill. A simple neutral grey would be indeed very nice to have, but not everybody would agree on exactly which grey, so some kind of control over it would be usefull. What do you think?
  15. Thanks for your quick reply. However, when I do Storyist > New Project > Screenplay template and select the project title "my script" in the Project View panel (the whole script as opposed to one of its scenes) and click on the Storyboard View (right-most button showing four small squares), I expect to see the corkboard with all the index cards. But this is not what I get. Instead, I get only the first card "Fade in". I must then click on one of the scenes and click again on the project title to get to see all the index cards. Humbly, this behaviour seems a bit irrational. Doesn't it?
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