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HOWTO: Create a screenplay template with act breaks

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The standard script format does not include hierarchical elements like "sequence" or "act" that allow you to group your scenes. This can make it difficult to work with your script in the Project pane. However, you can augment the standard elements to include such elements.


Here is how to recreate the Act-Scene template posted in the Sharing topic:


1. Create a new script using the Screenplay template.

2. Type some text and apply the Action style.

3. With the cursor in the action text, choose Format > Style > Create New Style From Selection...

4. Name the new style (e.g. "Act") and make sure that "Apply this new style on creation" is checked.

5. With the cursor in the (new) Act text, choose Format > Style > Edit Current Style....

6. In the style editing dialog, change the outline level to "Heading 1" and the next style to Scene Heading.

7. Add underlining (or any style attributes you want).

8. Click OK.


You now have an "Act" style that you can use to create hierarchy (folders) in the Project pane.


You can install the template by either selecting File > Save As Template... or copying the file to ~/Library/Application Support/Storyist/Templates.

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