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Where does my Storyist manuscript live?

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Well, that depends on what you do. I, being paranoid, ;) have copies all over the place. I have a folder for each novel on my Mac and a Dropbox folder on my desktop that syncs regularly with the online server. I also have copies on my iPad, both in iTunes and in Storyist. I drag files around to keep them all up-to-date.


But there is a simpler way that creates multiple copies. If I use my Dropbox copy for editing on the Mac, then there are always at least two copies, one on my Mac in the Dropbox folder and one on the Dropbox server that updates each time Dropbox syncs. And if I also use Storyist on the iPad and sync that to Dropbox, then there is a third copy on the iPad visible inside Storyist.


Sorry to be wordy. You didn't give much information, so I tried to cover several possibilities.


Dropbox, by the way, also stores older versions of files and even deleted files. That can be very useful in an emergency.


Storyist doesn't use iCloud, in part because iCloud does not keep older versions. So it's not like TextEdit or Pages, where a file can exist only in the cloud.


Hope that helps.


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