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Resizing Index Cards

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I would like to use the notecards feature as a brainstorming tool, which means cards of


- different colours

- different sizes

- in different locations


And I am certain that the last time I used Storyist in this manner (under 10.6, with an older version) I was able to do at least the resizing and free association.


Today, I could either resize the cards (but only view one at a time), or view them in a static grid with an invasive blue pin stuck through them. (Visual clutter annoys.) I do not want to increase the font size and decrease the zoom factor so I can view a useful number of cards... and I really do not want them statically stuck next to each other - I want to be able to have them in clusters and with comments between them or one large card with a bunch of small ones underneath.


So, what gives? The ability to use notecards flexibly was one of the things that attracted me to Storyist, but suddenly that functionality is either well hidden or simply no longer present. Is this something that happened between OS 10.6 and 10.8? And if so, can we PLEASE have the old flexibility back?




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Hi Green Knight,


Storyist's index card support hasn't changed. You can download any of the older versions linked in the Announcements section if you'd like to see for yourself.


What you're probably remembering is creating a collage and using the Display Selection As > Index Card context menu item to view your collage items as index cards.



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