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Bug: Cards list is offsetting

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Hi, thanks for creating this awesome app

Inoticed a bug. Here's how to replicate it:

1. Add enough cards to fill the list from top of the screen to bottom like in attached image1. It's easiest to see the bug when you scroll the list all the way down.

2. Hold your finger on a card to edit the contents, attached image2. Here also it's easiest to see the effect if you modify the last card, but the same bug happens with any card.

3. Now you can see that the last card on the list is offset down slightly, attached image3.

4. When you repeat steps 2-3 the card offsets so much that it disappears from the list and can no longer be accessed.


Workaround for this bug is to go back to book library and re-open the book.

Same offset happens with list items in Outline view. I don't know if it happens in Note view though, I didn't try that yet.




iOS 8.1.1

Apple wireless keyboard




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It seems that this bug was also reported in the following thread, but by the looks of it, you were not able to reproduce it. Let me know if you still can not reproduce the bug with these instructions.


I think most of the problems happen when using external keyboard, so maybe a good solution would be if developers would test also with external keyboard when adding new features? Though of course bugs will always make it to the release, no matter how well you test things.



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