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Nisus Writer Pro captured styles perfectly.

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I've been looking for a way to easily import existing documents into storyist. I'd been using MS-WORD but it's rather headstrong and hard to deal with.


I went looking for a better candidate and came across Nisus Writer Pro. I downloaded the demo, exported the Storyist Novel Template to an RTF file and opened it with the Nisus Writer Pro trial version. It captured the styles in the Storyist Novel Template perfectly and didn't burden me with any of it's default styles like WORD does.


It also has the benefit that it will load and preserve change tracking in MS-WORD files I receive from my Beta readers. I will play with it some more but it looks really good as a candidate to interface with Beta readers and end up with something I can paste back into Storyist with out screwing things up.


Fingers crossed that this works.



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