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Howard Clarke

Can you create Kindle editions in Storyist for iOS?

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Steve, I'm a PC user. Can the iPad version of Storyist allow a PC user to produce a .mobi (Kindle) book version the way you picture it being done on a Mac in your demo video (or is there a workaround you can suggest)? This Kindle-producing feature is what elevates Storyist above the competition.

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Hi Howard,


Storyist for iOS does NOT create Kindle files. The Mac version uses Kindlegen to do that, and unfortunately, Amazon haven't released a version of Kindlegen for iOS.



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Hi Steve, I hope I misunderstood your last comment above. If I'm ready to publish my manuscript to Kindle, and I've written it using the format that's present when you begin a new 'Novel' project and do not change any formats options from what's there, can't I just export using .mobi and upload it directly to Amazon?


I can export it to my desktop first, then upload it to Amazon, if that's preferred, but your last comment confused me as to whether or not Amazon will except that file as is for my book?


Please help unconsumed me :-)


And thank you for all your instruction...


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