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Newest update, Scrivener files

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Hi! The newest update includes a thing called "native edition for scrivener files". How does this work? Should I start a new project if I want to use Scrivener for Mac? How do I migrate? Should I? Or should I continue to simply use Storyist in Mac and Ipad versions? Mind you, I'm just a writer with basic notions of these software thingies. Cheers

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Hi Maury,


As of version 3.1, Storyist for iOS can edit Scrivener files directly in the same way it can edit Final Draft, Fountain, RTF, and Plain Text files directly.


If you're already using Storyist for Mac and Storyist for iOS, you'll want to continue using that setup. Scrivener files don’t support outlining within a text file, so you won’t see file outlines or index cards in the project view in Scrivener projects like you will with Storyist projects. There are some other limitations too. I've put together a how-to with information about setup, best practices, and limitations in Editing Scrivener Files with Storyist for iOS.


If you're on a PC or have a workflow that requries Scrivener for Mac, you might be interested in Storyist for iOS because it allows you to edit your Scrivener files on your iPad or iPhone.


And if you are on a Mac and have Scrivener, but haven't yet tried Storyist for Mac, get your toes wet with your current project with the iOS version and then check out Storyist 3 for Scrivener Users before you start your next project. ;)



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