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Creating blank lines without staring new sections

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I wish I could fix the typo in the title... it has less to do with staring than with starting... moving on!


I've experienced something odd yesterday and I'm not sure what's going on. Could be a bug, could be something I'm not doing right. Let me explain.


In the manuscript template, while I'm typing inside a chapter, I can press Enter and create a new paragraph. That's all good. When I press Enter twice, I create a new paragraph, and then the New Chapter / New Section selector dialogue comes up. I can now choose to create a new section, for which I need to type in the hash character. So far, this makes sense.


But sometimes, I'd just like to create a blank line without creating a new section. That seems really hard to do, and I don't really know how to do it. However, at other times, I can just press Enter twice, and a new blank line is inserted, without the New Chapter / New Section dialogue coming up. I haven't figured out when or why this happens.


Could someone explain how I can create blank lines, and how to bring up the New Chapter / New Section dialogue if and when I need it?



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I think I figured it out, at least how to insert a blank line:


  • press Enter to start a new paragraph
  • write the first few words of said paragraph
  • go to the beginning of said paragraph and hit Enter again


However, I still can't figure out why this behaviour is *sometimes* happening while I'm writing.

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