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  1. Hi Barynz, Just enter your Storyist 3 license at the prompt and you'll be all set. -Steve
  2. Hi Sanghoon, It looks like you're running last year's special NaNoWriMo trial version, which expired on December 15th. You can download the regular trial version from https://update.storyist.com/downloads/Storyist.dmg, which will start your trial period when you first launch it. -Steve
  3. Hi Brutus, There isn't a feature that limits the width of the text in draft mode. That's a great feature request though. Would you mind sending a quick email to support@storyist.com? -Steve
  4. Hi Brutus, Thanks for the feedback. Version 4.1.2 (out today) has some tweaks for dark mode colors. Here's a screenshot of the new comment color. -Steve
  5. Hi KKorwal, I'd be happy to investigate. I see you sent an email to the support address, so I'll follow up there. -Steve
  6. Hi Werewolf, Thank you for the report. Unfortunately, you're encountering a bug in macOS 10.15.0 Catalina. A work-around is in testing and should be available shortly. -Steve
  7. Hi Maury, Good to hear from you! Yes, there is an upgrade option. You'll find more information about that here. -Steve
  8. Hi James, This is a request from 2009. Thanks for the bump. -Steve
  9. Hi Barynz, The styles in the story sheets are fixed. If you're able to temporarily change the font color in a story sheet, you've found a bug. Apologies for the inconvenience. I'll investigate. Changing styles in story sheets is a feature request that's been on the list for quite a while and is something I hope to get to later this year. -Steve
  10. Hi Dan, We corresponded at the support address, but I missed your post here. For others who are interested: There isn't currently a query or synopsis template, but you can create one if you want. To do this: 1. Create a new text file in your current project. 2. Enter the text for the template and style it to taste. [1] 3. Choose File > Save as Template. 4. When the template dialog appears, make sure the "Save as" popup says "Text File Template" and enter a name and category for the template. 5. Click Save. Your template is now available in the template chooser, and you can add it to other projects as well. -Steve [1] One place to look for inspiration is the book Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript from Writer's Digest.
  11. Hi Winterwolf, Welcome to the forums. To remove the page number from the first page: Open the Format inspector (Command + Option + 2) and check the "Different first page header" checkbox in the "Headers & Footers" section. Position the cursor in the header, select the page number, and press the Delete key. I've attached a screenshot in case it helps. In this case, you won't need to change the starting number (the second page will still have the number "2"), but you can do that if you need to by entering a value in the "Start at" field in the "Page Numbers" section. -Steve
  12. Hi James, Thanks for the report. Which version of Storyist and macOS are you running? -Steve
  13. Hi Julia, Storyist can import text from several formats, including plain text, rtf, .doc and .docx. You'll information about how to do that here: https://www.storyist.com/mac/docs/#importing-existing-work If that doesn't help, let us know a little more about what you're trying to do, and we'll go from there. -Steve
  14. Hi ggblk, The back feature functions as it does in a web browser. You should be able to click back as many times as necessary. For example. Click "book" in the project view. Click "notes" in the project view. Click "character bios" in the project view. Click the back button (or use the View > Go Back menu command) to return to "notes." Click the back button to return to "book." The "Go Back" and "Go Forward" menu commands are available in both full-screen mode and non-full-screen mode. -Steve
  15. Hi Laker, Version 4 isn't posted to the version 3 update stream. You can download version 4 from https://update.storyist.com/downloads/Storyist.dmg. -Steve
  16. Hi Gunner, Welcome to the forums. Smart quotes are still there. To turn them on in your manuscript, open Storyist and choose Edit > Substitutions > Smart Quotes. -Steve
  17. Hi Sarah, I don't have any experience with agencies. What issues did you run into when trying to create your page? -Steve
  18. Hi Mike, Welcome to the forums. Are you asking about Storyist for macOS or iOS? Storyist for macOS doesn't do anything with your files. I'm guessing that you had Storyist 3 for iOS setup to store files on your iPad (or phone) instead of in iCloud or Dropbox. If so, they're not lost. These files are stored inside the Storyist 3 app and you'll need to move them so that Storyist 4 can access them. The easiest way to do this is to move them to iCloud. The easiest way to accomplish this is to simply transfer your local files to iCloud. Here’s how: Open Storyist 3. Tap the More (…) menu and choose “Cloud Setup.” On the “Where should files be stored?” page, tap “In iCloud” and then tap “OK.” Storyist 3 will then move your local files to iCloud. Open Storyist 4 to verify that everything has been transferred before deleting Storyist 3. -Steve
  19. Hi Folks, I'm delighted to let you know that Storyist 4 for macOS and iOS is available. Thank you to all who helped during the beta period! -Steve
  20. Hi ggblk, Welcome to the forums. You can use the navigation bar to get back to your previous location. When you navigate away to check some research, just click the back button (View > Go Back) to return to your previous editing point. -Steve
  21. Hi Hopeso, To create a PDF of your script: Navigate to the script. Choose File > Print. Click the PDF button in the print dialog. Choose "Save as PDF" Good luck with the competition. -Steve
  22. Hi Folks, Happy New Year! It's been a little quiet around here. Maybe too quiet. I'm happy to announce that Storyist 4 is on its way. Here's a sneak peek: http://storyist.com/blog/2019/01/storyist-4-sneak-peek/ If you want to help test, I'd love to have your help putting the software through its paces. Drop me a note at support@storyist.com and I'll get you set up. -Steve
  23. Hi Writeman, Thank you for the kind words and for the post. 1. Pagination - Interesting. That shouldn't be. I'll investigate. Assuming you're using the same font on each device, the culprit is usually the margins or line height. Could you let me know what versions of Storyist and iOS you're running? 2. Editing position - Plain text files don't have a mechanism for storing editing position with the file like RTF or other formats. In order to implement this, the app would either need to store this information outside of the file or include it in the text itself somewhere. TextEdit on Mac does the former, which doesn't work across devices. I think Slugline and Highland do the latter but in incompatible ways. Let me think about this a bit. 3. Projects - Yes, the Mac version doesn't support editing stand-alone text files outside of a Storyist project as the iOS version does. Instead, it creates a new Storyist project and imports the file. This is mostly for historical reasons. The functionality could be added to the Mac version if there is enough interest. 4. Exporting PDF - On Mac, choose File > Print, click the PDF button, and choose to save as PDF. On iOS, you'll need to first import it to a Storyist project and then use the Export function. Adding export support to stand-alone files is on the list for a future release. 5. What's New - The What's New dialog should only show ones (unless you reset the app's user defaults). Are you perhaps running from the .dmg file? If so, copy the app to the Applications folder and run from there. -Steve
  24. Hi Ginger, It's probably easiest to show it in action. I've posted a screencast that shows how to Creating a project from the Novel template Add a PDF book to the project Add your manuscript to the book Add a title page Add a table of contents -Steve
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