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Hello all,


My name is Gary, I live in South Africa and am 18 (OK 57) but like all of us I'm young at heart.


I have had a few novel's in my head/heart for many years but never thought I had the skill or patience to actually do something about it.


A little while ago I had a discussion with a friend of mine and he encouraged me to hit the keyboard.


A few thousand words into my novel and I started to realise that there must be a few tools available. After a little searching I came across Storyist ... on my iPad.


THEN came problem number 2 - I had a windows based PC :( - I had to save up and get a MAC. WHICH - I'm glad to announce - arrived at my home a couple of days ago.


oh boy - now to get my teeth into this program.


I wish there was a quick - way of learning all the features of the program - but I'm sure I'll discover them as I go along.


Well - I look forward to meeting a whole bunch of new friends ....


Happy writing.


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Welcome to Storyist Gary! We're glad to have you here. It's so nice to be able to connect with writers from all over the world!


- Jools

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Indeed, welcome, Gary!


Macs take a bit of getting used to after Windows, but believe me, they are well worth the time. And Storyist for Mac is a great program that merges seamlessly with the iPad version while doing much more.


The forums are fun, too. :)

Congrats on starting your novel!



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