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Daniel V

reverse text for dark room or tired eyes

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I find it much easier to write in pale yellow or white text on a black background. The white is too bright especially if I've been working all day and my eyes are already tired from staring into a computer screen. Turning the brightness down doesn't help because I already have to strain to see, the dim screen makes it that much harder. When I write in the mornings or at my second favorite coffee shop I'm in dim light and that makes the screen hard to see then as well.


Being able to reverse the writing background eases the strain and for what ever reason is just easier for me to think.



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I have 7 items that I would like in a writing program on my iPhone. I have been very surprised to discover that not one writing app fulfills all 7 features. Although many get close. They are:

  1. Undo & Redo
  2. Font Options (or at least Courier)
  3. Autohide Menu Bar
  4. Sync with Dropbox and/or iCloud
  5. Black Background & White Text
  6. Black/Dark Extended Keyboard
  7. Tab Option on Extended Keyboard
Storyist has all but the Dark/Black/Inverted Mode. So I hope you are planning to add this feature.
Also, if you are, I just want to say that I would prefer a complete black background. ByWord uses a dark grey that annoys me because it is close but just not black. This feature would be especially nice now that I am using the Kiwi App to have a solid black keyboard with white letters.

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Hi, guys,

Tap on the three dots at the top right (where you control the Sync feature) and move the Dark Mode switch to on.



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Sorry, I'm a beta tester. Maybe it's not in the release version yet. In which case, I guess it's on the way.


Steve, don't take my firstborn! It was an innocent mistake, promise! :)


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I just enabled Dark Mode in Storyist on iOS but some of the text is dark blue or even black on a nearly black background. The curser is dark blue and not visible. All of the text in Dark Mode should be a pale white or pale yellow. (It is so nice to see this feature though and I hope the text contrast issue is fixed soon.)

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