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  1. FadeIn is a great cheap alternative to Final Draft in my opinion. I'd love to be able to open my .fade files in storyist and even export as those files.
  2. Maybe seeing an alternate outline format would make printing more ideal. It'd be nice for emailing as well to have it the outline in an RTF format.
  3. I'd like to see optional synchronization with Google Drive as well.
  4. Thanks for adding that feature! Could I set versioning up on a schedule? Or even to have it save a version when I close/open the app?
  5. Can the comic book template come standard in the app? There seems to be a growing need for it.
  6. Organizing Story Cards I'd love to be able to create chapter markers in the screenplay format like is done in the novel format. It'd be helpful to line up my scenes into acts in particular. In my particular case, I wouldn't see a need for the chapter text to appear in the screenplay itself, but it could just take a checkbox to let it appear on the screen play as an official act break as used on television scripts. Organizing Out-of-Story Cards I also like keeping an archive stack of notecards for ideas that I like, but aren't in the actual story and I also don't want to delete. Could som
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