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Steve E

More examples in the User's Guide.

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This is only tangentially a Storyist feature request since it's a request for the Storyist User's Guide and not the Storyist program. Basically, I'd like to see more actual examples in the guide. Emokid brought this up when he pointed out in a post that there was a paucity (my word) of examples showing techniques (he referred to examples of book structures in the Project View).


I imagine that many of our "techniques" will become unnecessary as Storyist evolves (e.g., "***bookmark-name" will be replaced by an actual bookmark management system someday) but only you, Steve, know which techniques require more explanation in the Guide. More "links" examples would be a good start.


I know that the User's Guide isn't meant to be Storyist For Dummies but there needs to be some further consideration for new users. (Perhaps Emokid would like to tell us something about his learning curve for the program?)


Another 2¢ from yours truly (surely you must be a millionaire by now),


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