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  1. Has anyone upgraded to Mojave and checked to ensure the current version of Storyist works with it? I'm on High Sierra, but am working on a story and don't want to upgrade my OS in case there are issues with Storyist because I don't want to put a hold on my story until Storyist is updated.
  2. Update - As always seems to happen, you find the answer to a question, right after you find it. I found the answer on another post in the forums. Thanks to the Storyist Staff for posting the youtube video that explained the answer I needed. Since that's out of the way, let's see if I can explain my problem/question where you can understand it. I have a question on how to do something that I believe is possible, but I must not be seeing how to do it. In the screenshot I uploaded (if screenshot does not load, it's simply a screenshot of the Storyist MacOS features portion of website under "Full-Featured Word Processor") it shows a project with a folder inside titled "Manuscripts." Inside that, we see a file "My Manuscript", which the icon looks like a Novel Text File. It has a Dropdown "Book the First" with dropdown for Chapters and further dropdown for sections I am sure. Further down, there is a second and third book, which will have Chapters under that. However, when I create a story, it simply has Chapters and I cannot figure out how to create different "Books" under the Story with their own chapters and sections. Basically, its as though each dropdown is it's own level and the picture shows one additional level that I cannot figure out how to access. Am I just blind? Any help would be appreciated because I would like to have a story with several parts (Books), each with their own chapters and sections. Example: Photo Attached My Manuscript (Story File) Book the First Chapter 1 Sections Book the Second Chapter 1 Sections What I am able to do. My Manuscript (Story File) Chapter 1 Sections Chapter 2 Sections I would like to be able to add an additional level between the Story File and the chapters so I can have multiple "Books"/Part 1,2,3,etc. in the same Story. Hope I didn't bore you.
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