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  1. James011, I'm not so sure it's your Dropbox syncing that's causing the problem --- I am having word count discrepancies as well, and I am not using Dropbox, nor syncing of any kind (other than backing up to iCloud). I posted about this last Sunday but have yet to receive any sort of response on it. I really would like to purchase Storyist once NaNoWriMo is over, but the lack of response from Support is disheartening. No one has responded to my email, either (different issue).
  2. I am using the NaNoWriMo trial version for my NaNoNovel this year, and for some reason the Project Total Word Count does not match the total word count I've done so far. Yesterday I hit 17,000 exactly, so I knew that today I wanted to do a sprint and cross the 20k mark, meaning I needed to write 3000 words. The daily word count target showed I had written 3002 words -- but the Project Total Word Count showed only 19939. So I added a few more words, but still the total word count is off. In fact, when I view the Summary, it shows I've actually written 20,111. While I admit I've gone back and deleted a word here or there (usually replacing it and adding a few more), it was certainly not more than a handful, not by a long shot. Certainly not 172 words! I like Storyist and am thinking I may purchase it after NaNo, but that total word count discrepancy has me a bit concerned.
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