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  1. By turning the keyboard “on and off” I trully meant typing on the “eject” key. That keystroke usually activates or deactivates the virtual keyboard. It's far faster than going all the way to the tools menu… I'm just a little lazy. So every time I want to check on the stats, I press that key, look at the virtual keyboard for a moment, and press it again so I can keep writing… It just takes seconds…
  2. The lower strip, with all the arrows and the word count in the middle, appeared while I was editing the main text. It remained there for a while, even though I was going back and forth to other apps. But as sudden as it came, it left… My boyfriend saw it too, so I didn't dream it.
  3. Oh… That means that the bar stayed visible by mistake… curious behaviour! Well, I can live with that, now that I know that the fastest way to check the stats is temporarily displaying the virtual keyboard. Thank you!
  4. Yes, Steve, it's a shame that Apple has taken that decision. I've been making some alternative tests, besides Printopia, and so far, this is what I've got, using Save2PDF, just in order to sort of having some PDF emergency funcionality right from the iPad, in case I'm away from my Mac. It still requires Dropbox access, though: - Save the document as RTF to Dropbox. - Open the RTF file either from Drobox app or from Storyist (if you saved it in the Storyist folder in Dropbox) - From there, Open in app > Save2PDF Once the RTF document has been recognized by Save2PDF, it can generate the PDF from there. It looks exactly as it looks in Storyist except for some weird bug with accented i letters (í). I haven't figured out that one yet. It looks as something that happens when Save2PDF opens the RTF file; because it looks perfect from the Dropbox app. So, if you're not writing in Spanish, and don't have a Mac, this might be a nice option. Save2PDF also alouds combining different files into a single PDF, including, por example, JPG, Word, and Excell files, all into a single PDF. That's why I chose this app in the first place. I can create a single PDF from different pictures taken right from the iPad. It's been really useful. I don't know if the other app reommended here had the same function. You may try and tell us. Hope this helps.
  5. I almost feel greedy asking for these feature, since it's already an achievement that an iPad app has both RTF formatting, and complete writing stats. But since I'm doing NaNoWriMo, I kind of miss this feature, and would trully appreciate it. So, I put it in the wish list. Perhaps some day it comes true.
  6. I've been using Storyist for iPad today quite a while, and right now I'm loving it because of the word count (I'm using it for my NaNoWriMo, when I'm not on my computer). At first, I thought that I could only view the stats by accesing the tools button, on the right side of the screen. But I accidentally activated a lower bar that showed a few arrows and, voilá, the words/pages statistics. I'm using an external keyboard, therefore I hadn't seen that bar before. How can I activate it on purpose? I mean, there must be something, a button, some preference, a gesture… I just haven't figured it out yet. Thank you.
  7. Do I take the example from the RTF or from the Storyist document? Either way, I can do it, but a few hours from now. I'm away from my computer at the moment.
  8. Indeed… they're were they're suposed to in Storyist… They disappear when I export the RTF… I doubled checked myself before even bothering you…
  9. Thank you. I've downloaded it and exported my RTF again. I still have missing spaces in the same words…
  10. Thank you, Steve. I'll appreciate that link, since I'm doing extra work correcting a few RTF documents because of that bug. Nevertheless, I have checked the document, and I haven't found so far any case as described. The words that lost their white space didn't have different formatting, or the space between them. Hope that information helps, just in case.
  11. Hello, I'm using the latest Storyist version for iPad, and I've noticed a strange bug (or looks like it). When I export RTF documents from the iPad, when I open them on other software (text processors, Windows and Mac), many spaces disappear, randomly. As a result, I have a lot of "new words", so to speak, because of the disappearance of the white space between them. That happened both in Storyist for iPad, and, strangely, in Storyist for Mac, on a project previously edited on the iPad. This, of course, forces me to read everything. It's not a lot of words, and there seems to exist no pattern on the disappearance of the spaces, but it's indeed odd. CorStellae
  12. Great news! Since I expect to write my next novel for NaNoWriMo on the iPad, this will be heaven!
  13. Any chance of having word count before NaNoWriMo? I'm looking forward to use Storyist for NaNoWriMo this year…
  14. After all the effort creating styles and applying them, I find annoying the fact that when I copy a portion of my text into a new document within a project, all my styles are gone. I hoped that by copying the text it would bring all the styles, but I was wrong. Once I copied a few pages on a new document, it was like starting over from scratch. This basically means that if I want to create new documents, I must do it on the Mac version and dedicate a quite large amount of time to reformat each of them, or, at least, importing the styles from another document.
  15. Thank you. It took me a while to do it, but I think I finally got it. Now all the styles work properly.
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