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  1. Thank you, Marguerite Now I can get my way to Broadway🤔 Best, David
  2. How do I email stage-play format scripts to others not having Storyist?
  3. Using iMac and Storyist to email play script to competition. Think they may have microsoft. Hope sending it with PDF they can accept, But don't know how to convert text to PDF and email it. Thanks
  4. how do I email my stage script and keep storyist format?
  5. I assume you're talking about Italic choice within the font--like Helvetica rather than Helvetica. I was using Lucinda Grande and there is no Italic font. I checked back to Helvetica and it does NOT have a Italic listed either, but hitting the I Key changes it into Italics. I can change font to one that I can use Italic. Just thought it strange that some fonts don't have that option. Thanks for your help. David
  6. I can't use Italics in my new Stage Play. Bold and Underline are in bold and can be used. But Italic is in Gray and can't be used. When I hit the gray Italic I hear a horn sound. Suggestions please. Thanks. David
  7. Hi Steve, Still have problems. My template is Stage Play. I've highlighted all the text to Lucinda Grande 12. When I scroll down to Character I make sure it's LG12. I hit the return key, then go down to Dialogue; the text goes to Courier 12. ????? Sample: GLORIA No. Thank heavens. (Giggles) DANIEL Do you... I think I should be able to get a consistent text and style. Do I need to wait until my script is finished, then hightlight all the text and change to whatever font and size I want ? That would be a bummer. AND, I've had a new computer (iMAC) for the last 4-5 months. Maybe it's my keyboard, but I can't change Text to Italics. I'm lost and need some help if I'm ever to get a play finished so I can get a Tony. Best, David
  8. Hi Steve, Thanks for info on control key. Here's a sample of my manuscript problem. Gloria is my default--Lucida Grande 14pt. When I add Daniel it goes down to Courier 12 pt. If I add something to Gloria's line it continues with her Lucida fornt and size. GLORIA No. Thank heavens. (Giggles) DANIEL Do you... I still have a lot to learn about Storyist. But I'm getting ready to send my manuscripts to competitions and I need to get a consistent, reliable format--before I go CRAZY. Another item. I thought that replies to my questions were indicated in my email address. Not this time. Did I do something? Or change by Storyist. Thanks for your help. Best, David
  9. Hi Steve, Back again. After many hours of trying, I'm still having problem with getting the Stage Play default style the way I had it a few months ago on my iMac. I've gone to default style and changed every item--character, dialogue, directions etc.--to what I want. That is--text-Lucida, size 14. But it reverts back to Courier 12 when I add another character. I used to type in a character's name and it would automatically cap the name, move it to center, and move the cursor to the next line for dialogue. Is that still possible. One more item. I've tried to do the shortcuts but don't work for me. I don't know what this sign is--^command 6. I thought the "^" meant to shift. What does it mean? Any help would be appreciated. Best, David
  10. Been many months since I've got back to playwrighting. Editing a play, and I can't change the default text to match my older version. I'm in stage play format, but seems like screenplay comes up--shot and location not used in plays. Any advice? Thanks
  11. When using a quote from Wilde Shaw, etc. do we need to attribute the author in the quote?
  12. When printing from my iMac, how do I change from ".story" in Storyist to ".doc" to send to PC with Windows? Thanks, David
  13. I'm working in the Stage Play template. I assume changing default is the same for every template. I've gone to Preferences and added the font and size I want for my default. After that, my writing font, etc. is fine--for awhile. Then it reverts to the previous font and size default. Frustrating. HELP! Thanks, David
  14. I want to see 2 different side-by-side pages in stage play format on my iMac. The point is to edit one with some parts of the second page. I know one can do side-by-side pages, but they are identical. Looking for way to have different drafts. Thanks.
  15. On the iPad, is it possible to have 2 versions of the same screenplay shown side-side? Very helpful in making changes--copy & paste. Thanks. D
  16. I have stage plays in progress in Storyist on my iMac. How can I copy, transfer, etc. them to Storyist on my iPad. Thanks
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