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  1. The code line seems correct, I don't know why it doesn't work. Not really, with Kindle Previewer you could have converted an epub file to mobi format, for instance. The new version (2.4) that was launched not very long ago lets you do the repackaging stuff simply by opening an opf file. You'll see from the interface, just click the "Open book" link, point to the opf file and boom! your new mobi file is done.
  2. Thanks for the tips, Steve. "If you move the reference to the copyright page directly after the cover item, Kindle will open the book to the copyright page instead of the table of contents" Why, you can't force Kindle to start at a certain point using id=start as you'd do in an epub file? I'll make some experiments. Adrian
  3. Hi Eleni, You simply forgot to put the brackets (if this is the name of the symbols < and >). Your command line needs to end in <Unison> As a tip, if you want to be sure that you have the right path to kindlegen, you just need to drag and drop the kindlegen program into the command line in terminal window. Or, an even simpler way to rebuild a mobi file from toc.opf is to install the Kindle Previewer 2.4 Adrian
  4. I got it! In the toc.opf file at <spine> I just had to change the order the itmes were listed.
  5. When I export a project from Storyist, no matter how I arrange the files in the export dialog, 'Table of Contents' is put right after the cover in the mobi file. How do I change this? I'd like to have at least the copyright page (wich is a notebook file) between the cover and the ToC. I'm able to perform some basic html editing in the mobi files (if I choose to save the individual files), but I don't know what (and where!) it needs to be done. Thank you for help.
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