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  1. Well great thing you have find out which were faced many times but never explain hare. I think there are many that kind of progs there but do not faced
  2. As per me its more better for proofreader because it allows you to search for any word on your screen by just pressing the Alt key and highlighting the word.
  3. AS I know spell checker does essentially three things: First, it passes through the text that you type into a page and finds each entity word. Second, that word is checked against a list of already correct words. Third, if no match can be found then the spell checker looks for suggestions that are parallel in sound and structure to the word that is incorrect.
  4. My recording method for this month is a easy checklist with the date and a checkbox alongside it. After I complete my 15-minute writing obligation for the morning, I check the box, and I create a note of the number of words I wrote during that 15 minutes.
  5. The proofreading process becomes further proficient as you develop and practice a systematic strategy. You’ll learn to classify the specific areas of your own writing that need careful consideration, and knowing that you have a sound method for finding errors will help you to focus more on developing your ideas while you are drafting the paper.
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