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  1. Well, it is 2017, and still no end noting/footnoting. I'm working on a book here where I need to make footnotes for references. I like how storyist works, how easy it is to use, and that it syncs so effortlessly on the iPad which is where I do most of my writing now, but I need the footnoting....and an indexing would be really nice as well.
  2. Would also like to ask if Storyist for the ipads will be updated at some point to employ icloud. I am barely at my desktop long enough to hack out a paragraph if I had the time and use Storyist on the ipad more than the desktop. Be wild if that could work. Also, there is a small formatting problem on the ipad where, in justified mode, it seems the last sentence often stretches every word out to cover the distance by wide gaps between letters. It is only in justified mode. Storyist 3 is sweet, though:) Loving it when I can get to use it.
  3. Cool, so you can sync storyist IOS with version 3 over dropbox
  4. Does the ipad version still sync with this new version?
  5. Any other ideas? I'd love to get into an on-line writer's thing, if nothing else than to bounce feedback off of one another and to get what I have scrawled down ripped to shreds:)
  6. Icloud would be a helluva feature:) You need not lose dropbox either, but I, for three, would love icloud on storyist.
  7. I too appreciate the ipad version. It is such an immense help. I just finished a 300 page memoir on Storyist, written mostly on the ipad as I am forever away from the imac. While I could just as easily have done it in any old word processor, having the ipad storyist was sweet as I could be sitting in one of those insanely dull meetings and be working on the memoir to whittle away the time.
  8. I would love a proofreader application/plugin with Storyist. While not infallible, it would certainly help and could save some cash in paying proofreaders. I am not a software developer and do not know how difficult this would be to create, but if some genius out there could do it they would find a fan of it in me.
  9. On another note dealing with full sync support, I think it would be a fabulous thing if Storyist could work in iCloud. I generally write on the iPad, both a regular one and an ipad mini, and am so busy that I am seldom home long enough to write on the iMac. While syncing with dropbox is a neat thing, it is clumsy, like an old beater car, when you are working with three devices. I just finished a memoir with Storyist and had to confine the writing to just the regular ipad. Although I tried downloading the memoir from dropbox onto the ipad mini, for instance, it somehow never quite came off.
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