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  1. Hi all, I have just started using Storyist on a large widescreen monitor, linked to my MBP via HDMI. Storyist is working fine, looks nice too. However, I notice that the Project View is blurred. If I select an item, it displays perfectly, but all unselected items are blurred. Nothing else is blurred. I have never noticed this before. Ideas?
  2. OK, I was incorrect. Syncing between iPad and Mac using Dropbox: All words come across OK, but neither the total nor the daily progress scores update. Total wordcount on iPad manuscript = 2,827, total wordcount on Mac manuscript after sync = 2,784. The difference of 43 words is what I wrote on the iPad. Daily total is blank because Mac has not counted anything written on the iPad. I will send an email.
  3. Hi everyone. A question about writing goals and progress. I have it pretty well sorted on the Mac, and I understand that this is not (yet) a feature on iPad. However, one thing that bugs me, because I like to track daily progress and I am now doing more writing on the iPad, is that it seems that daily totals do not count any text I write on the iPad. So if I jam in 500 words on the iPad, they will sync to Mac OK, and the total words will reflect the total OK, but my daily words will be 0! Arrrghhh! Does this seem right, or am I missing something? Does anyone else find this?
  4. Thanks Steve, but what would be better is if new characters automatically spawn character sheets, much like new scenes or sections spawn their story sheets. Otherwise, it can become difficult to keep track of characters.
  5. Here in Aussie we go date before month, so today would be 29 August 2013. I think it would be simpler for you to just use system region settings.
  6. There seems to be only a limited number of available date/time formats available, all based on the US format. Is there a way to use the Mac setting for region?
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