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  1. Bumping an old topic (I just got an iPad ) I was wondering if it would be possible to do this with the option of "Open in iBooks". I think this would be cool because it would be a lot faster to preview your book in iBooks without having to do the desktop steps of exporting, then importing to iTunes then syncing with the iPad. Then you can read your book in the iBooks goodness and then if needed quickly switch to Storyist and fix anything. It would provide the ease and experience only available on an iPad. Also, Storyist looks pretty awesome on the new iPad.
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good writing communities. Something like smashwords or feedbooks, but more socially targeted (like you upload an ePub, people can read it and provide feedback). And another question, if you could create a writing community, what would it feature?
  3. I still collect Vinyls and Stamps... I usually buy music off of amazon and send stuff through e-mail though, but nothing beats receiving a hand-written letter in a custom made envelope (except for my more "mature" friends who think it lacks practicality). I used to own a vinyl record player, until a lightning storm struck and it got fried somehow... I still buy vinyls though, in hopes of finding a record player at a thrift store someday... Not because I think they're worth something or sound better, but because I like the look on people's faces when you do things that seem out-of-date.
  4. I doubt it. Nothing beats the feeling of going to a bookstore and searching for a good book. Plus, for other retailers, the results are probably a lot different (Sam's Club, Costco, BJ's and other stores have novels at the roughly the same price as the Kindle version). There's also no set standard that works with all e-readers yet. The upfront cost of buying a Kindle or e-reader is expensive, unless you know you're going to be reading enough to justify the cost. Although, with every e-reader having an iOS or Android app and better designed multi-media devices, I do think that may
  5. Our school is trying to draw more people in (I think), so they've asked for students' papers and what not. So it's just a showcase of students' work. They keep changing so many things, or maybe I was taught wrong at first. Like punctuation in quotes and everything. At first I was taught if you end a sentence and a quote, put the period inside the quote, then I was told it depended on of the quote was a finished sentence. So if the quote didn't have a finished sentence, but you wanted it to end after the quote it would be: Blah bleh bloo "howdy goes the white house". When
  6. So what are your thoughts for the spacing between sentences? I was always taught to do 2 spaces after every period, but lately, a lot of people are telling me to switch to 1 space. I doubt people will kill over it, and I'm guessing it's more of a personal preference, but lately, people around me have been getting more and more adamant about only doing 1 space. I had to get an essay critiqued for printing (yay me?), and a lot of the people I asked to edit and critique it said that my sentence spacing (the spaces after every period, not line spacing) should be decreased to one space . So
  7. If you're up for working together on creating something, I can help. From what you're talking about, it might be easy to use something like GluePHP to handle parts of it (instead of a full-fledged CMS). If you don't plan on having user registration and user levels and whatnot, then it'd probably be easyish to setup. The only issue I have is the PDF stuff. I don't have experience on interacting with PDF's and PHP because a lot of web hosts don't support it by default (so that's something to check before diving in). I know a few hosts like webFaction, sliceHost, LinNode, and etc. will
  8. I think a better application would focus on reading and marking-up the work, and integrating with a desktop app. Like have support for editing, but the goal of the app probably shouldn't be full fledge writing, or at least that's my opinion. What I've been seeing so far is applications that try to do too much...
  9. Storyist can currently export to the ePub format. As for exporting directly to the Kindle format, only Steve can answer about if/when that will happen. Until then, you can use KindleGen, which lets you convert from ePub to the Kindle Format. To install kindlegen, just extract it, and I copied the "kindlegen" file to "/usr/local/bin" You don't have to do this, but it'll let you use the command anywhere. If you don't want to copy it to "/usr/local/bin" then you can copy your exported ePub file and copy the ePub file to the directory kindlegen is in. To convert the book to the kind
  10. Now that we can export to ePub, what about importing it? I think it'd be a useful feature. The ePub format seems like it'd be a better solution when sending drafts around to those without Storyist, who can then edit it in some ePub editor, and send it back with less risk of some huge change in the formatting of the content inside the file (like if I send someone an rtf or doc, their editor sometimes does wonky stuff to it, where there's a hopefully smaller chance of that happening to an ePub file [unless they use frontpage or something?]). Just a thought.
  11. I was looking for a writing program for Linux, and came across Sigil (it's Cross-platform). It seems pretty young right now (it's more of a WYSIWYG for xhtml with support for the epub format, it doesn't offer that much for the book's author, just more for formatting code and meta-data), and I think it could use some work on the user interface (it uses the Qt library, not that that's bad, it just doesn't feel native). It's a bit glitchy on the Mac (mostly in the switching views and stuff). As it is right now, it seems like it'd be good for editing ePub files exported from Storyist. Ju
  12. If you don't want to use Wordpress, there's Joomla, Textpattern, and Habari. Wordpress would probably be the best for what you described though. I know a couple of writers that use Joomla for their sites though. I don't know of any CMS that imports PDF's and keeps the formatting. Most of the time, people format the content for the CMS, and have the CMS export to PDF. I'd suggest looking at Joomla or Wordpress for what you described.
  13. I've done voice acting for friends, nothing "in the business." It's usually been something along the lines of me fooling around, and then I get a random phone call from a friend of a friend who needs help with a final project... How exactly do you audition for those things? Good luck!
  14. Storyist started to act really slow, and when I looked at the activity monitor, it said it had ~3gb of Virtual Memory... I restarted Storyist and it was snappy again. All I was doing was typing in the script and it seemed to start going slower after I did more of the [Enter][Enter][Choose Style] for my script. Or it just goes slower the longer I go on? I also edited the page header and footer. This is the second time the virtual mem usage has shot up really high (or the second time I caught it due to it starting to become laggy). Anyone have a similar problem or clues? It happe
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