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  1. I have got my Storyist 3 directly from your web. Now I can't upgrade it.
  2. So the issue is that when you add a scene in the Screenplay template under Mojave, you get both a new scene and a scene called #? —— Yes. If I click on the # in the manuscript, It has the Section Separator style applied. The blank line is Scene Heading (Section Text in the Novel template). If I change the blank line to Scene Heading/Section Text and the # to Section Separator, it does that fix things. Best, Laker
  3. Hi Steve, I tried that by the steps, by created 2 projects from Novel and Screenplay templates, and get the results: 1. A blank line following a "#", but no "#" on the side bar. (Novel project) 2. A blank line following a "#", and one "#" on the side bar. (Screenplay project. This is my question.) Plz check out the attachments. Regards.
  4. Thank you. I know about that you finger out, but arranging index cards along colored plot-lines is another great function. Any way, thank you.
  5. I love the function so much,and really need it. It's magical for me. Could Storyist make it? Thanx a lot, Steve!
  6. Me! Me! Hands up! I love Storyist for iOS and Storyist 3 for Mac. I sent a email to you.
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