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  1. hello, I expected renaming and moving would copy the file (as there is no "save as") – wrong expectation :-} so, I accidentally deleted some project files given this misunderstanding, without saving a prior version. now I am trying to find the project trash – where hopefully these files still reside. in the Storyist-help it says: "To view the contents of the project trash, click the View button in the toolbar and choose Show Project Trash." but there is no menu item like that unver "view"-menu. I only find "empty trash" under the "file"-menu. so at the moment I can delet
  2. hey there! I love Storyist for its integration of writing environment, structuring and it´s visual cues (like collages). now I am working heavily with visual information. that includes working with images taken as their own information units, not only as illustrations. so importing images into Storyyist *plus* having the metadata available in Storyist is a real treat! (– especially given what you can then do with images - i.e. sorting, inserting, collaging, etc.). a second real 'selling point' of Storyist for me was search. so I can put any information anywhere, and immediately see wh
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