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  1. thanks i would appreciate that.
  2. This may seem petty, but i was wondering if in V2 we could be given the option to switch out some of the icons for the old ones or our own, specifically the project icon. I only ask because I really liked the old icons.
  3. I may just be missing this but is there a way to set a custom zoom ex. 110%? Thanks
  4. hmmallen


    Can you set a custom zoom in the main window?
  5. I have tried Storyist and like it better than competing software like scrivener but its high price is keeping me from buying it. Scrivener is priced at $40 and although Storyist's features are improved in comparison, Scrivener does have a nice full screen mode. Unless you add features such as full screen mode or a timeline, I think that $20 more is too much to charge for Character/Setting/Plot sheets. You should at least offer an educational discount for teachers and students.
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