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  1. For anyone that may encounter this problem in the future, I'm happy to report that I was able to find the deleted file under Edit> Umbrella> Show Deleted Items. I wish I'd known to look there earlier (never lost a file before, and the umbrella menu is a little counter-intuitive to associate with deleted files, so I missed it the first few rounds of panicked searching). I also still have no idea what happened to my file in the first place, but crisis averted!
  2. Hello, Bit of an emergency here - about 40 minutes ago I opened up a story folder containing a script that has about a month's worth of work on it, and was given a message to the tune of: "This document has been deleted on Dropbox from another device." And, with that, the entire folder disappeared from Storyist. There is no evidence whatsoever of this file's existence on my Dropbox either - not as a recent deletion (I worked on the script as recently as yesterday) in the "deleted" folder nor the "events" folder. I'm not at my primary computer at the moment but will be dropping by i
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