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How to duplicate a manuscript within a project?


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Hi everyone -


So, I'm using Storyist to help me with a documentary film. I've used the screenplay format, and roughed out a version of my show; I tweaked some of the default styles and have it looking exactly the way I need it to. Everything is working great.


Now I want to re-order some scenes in a fairly substantial way, so I'd like to duplicate my current manuscript, save it as "Show version Oct 19th", and then rework as necessary on a different copy of the manuscript. I can't find a "duplicate" command in either the Mac or iPad version.


I've tried just copying all the text to a new screenplay manuscript, but some of my style modifications get blitzed when I do that. I also tried stepping into the ".story" file but it doesn't look like a package, and that seemed a dangerous route anyway.







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Hi Robert,


You can duplicate a script by selecting the script in the Project view, holding down the option key, and dragging to a new location in the view. This creates a "shallow" copy of the script, which doesn't include card entries, collages, etc...



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