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I have 22 items to fill in for every scene (or plot point or what ever you want to call it!)

They are nested in a table with 22 Rows and two Columns. One column for the questions and the other for the answers.

I initially thought Story Sheets but it appears you can never end up with a blank page to paste my plotting chart.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


I did not find the Users Guide helpful-too much discussion about what can be done but not enough how to. An index or list of contents would be nice too.

A potential buyer.

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Hi, Claritydoc, and welcome to the forums.

Did you try the Notebook? That gives you a blank page. I use it a lot for writing exercises and lists, although I haven't tried a table.


EDIT: I just tested this by copying and pasting a Word table into a new note. It worked fine. :)


If it doesn't work for you, you could try setting up a second manuscript just for your plotting chart.


You can define your fields in a story sheet (although 22 might be more effort than you want to spend). But you would have to enter the data into the fields for each scene, rather than cut and paste, if you went that route.

Good luck,


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