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Hi All,


Newbie here and so far I've enjoyed browsing the forums ...


I'm considering taking my hobby more seriously and really don't know if I'm any good ... and,


I would like to explore the cyber world of writing/critique groups ... can anyone here point me in the right direction. Please.




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Hi, Robert, and welcome to the forums.


Take heart. Writing is like ballet. In the beginning, no one is any good, but the only way to become good is to keep trying. A critique group, if it's the right group, is a great way to improve.


You'll find a discussion of one writers' organization, which includes online pairings and round-robin critique groups, at http://storyist.invisionzone.com/index.php/topic/1883-how-is-everyone/ (you need not live in Pennsylvania to join). I'm sure there are others.


There may also be individual forum members who would like to team up with you. Why not stop by Member Introductions and tell us something about what you write and what you hope to achieve? :)



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