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Using the Stage Play template in Storyist for iPad

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The Stage Play template is not yet included in the iPad version for one simple reason: The screenwriting toolbar doesn't yet have a "Stage Direction" or a "Character Direction" icon.


However, you can certainly create a project from the Stage Play template on the Mac and edit on the iPad. If you do, you'll want to do two things. In Storyist for Mac:

  1. Edit the "Stage Direction" style and change the style name to "Action". (more on editing styles)
  2. Edit the "Character Direction" style and change the style name to "Parenthetical".

That way, the screenwriting toolbar in Storyist for iPad will apply the correct style. Other than that, you should be all set.



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[Moderator: Moved from Storyist for Mac thread]


I would love to see an update that has a Stage Play template for the iPad. If not an update, I would be willing to pay a "small" fee for it...especially, since I faithfully bought Storyist for Mac and Storyist for iPad (had hoped the Stage Play template would have been included.)


I guess I want things real easy when I use software for writing. Otherwise, Storyist is good and the response to questions is GREAT!!!!

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Hi, LeadSinger63 (I have my eye on you for my Scarlet Pimpernel novel when I finally get it on the Kindle and iBooks stores :D)—

Welcome to the forums! If you look under Using Storyist for iPad, you will find a post by Steve, #2 under the pinned posts at the moment, that explains what the issue is with the Stageplay template and how to get it working on your iPad.



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Download to your Mac via the link. Drag to your Dropbox folder. Access via Storyist on your iPad.


OR download to your Mac and, with your iPad attached to your Mac, go to iTunes. Click on the name of your iPad, click on Apps, scroll down to Storyist and click. Drag the template to the list of files (may be empty if you have not saved any Storyist for iPad files). Click on Sync.


Inside Storyist for iPad, tap the icon that looks sort of like an in box, choose the template, and tap OK. Template appears. Rename it and get to work.



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