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table of contents and chapter headings?


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I exported a project and have 2 questions.


When i imported into ibooks it did not generate a table of contents. (?)

How do I create one?


Also, how can I generate and display chapter heading and chapter titles?


I come from Scrivener- and when I compile/export in Scrivener it generates a table of contents based on the chapter folders.

It also creates a chapter heading based on the individual chapter folders (generates chapter numbers)

and chapter title based on document title.

It does this automatically.


I've heard so much about storyist being epup friendly- I assume it can do this as well....?


other than these issues- i prefer the storyist work space and full screen much more than Scrivener.



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Hi, Bokes, and welcome to the forums.


Storyist will generate the table of contents, too. It checks for everything styled with the chapter title style (assuming nothing above the chapter title, as Steve mentioned elsewhere). So if you are not seeing that, make sure the chapter title style is applied.


The easiest way to display chapter number plus title is to name your chapter that way: 1. Cambridge (or Chapter 1. Cambridge) all on the same line. If you want number and title on different lines, it can be done (I wrote a post somewhere, and I'm pretty sure Steve has also described the process).


If those options aren't working for you, please write again and we'll try to help you figure out where the problem is.



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Can I revive this topic? I've searched the forums but I can't find anywhere that offers a legit solution to the two line chapter issue without making the second line a "sort of" part of the chapter i.e. a section.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


Also I'm new and HI!

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