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Storyist for Mac 2.4.3 is available for download


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Storyist for Mac 2.4.3 is available for download.


It includes new features and bug fixes. Specifically:
New Features
  • The Fountain importer can now format Fountain files as novel manuscripts. (See How to use Fountain for Novel Manuscripts.)
  • The Fountain exporter can now export novel manuscripts as Fountain files.
  • You can now specify the default font when importing a Fountain file using the new "Font" keyword.
  • FDX headers and footers (including page numbers) are now imported along with the rest of the script.
  • The FDX importer now imports tab and return shortcuts.
  • The FDX exporter now exports tab and return shortcuts and includes default Final Draft "Smart Type" separators.
Bug Fixes
  • RTF files generated by older versions of Word for PC on machines that have Chinese language support installed should now open properly.
  • Fixes a bug causing "at least" line spacing added by the importer to revert to "Single" in certain circumstances.
  • Storyist no longer crashes when undoing edits to headers/footers in certain cases where the undo stack also includes edits to the body text.
  • In screenplay mode, Storyist now offers to autocomplete if the style has a pagination style of "Scene Heading" or "Character." Previously, the style had to be named "Scene Heading" or "Character" for auto-completions to appear.
  • Storyist now remembers and restores the mirrored pages setting in the page inspector.
  • In paragraphs that include style overrides for both paragraph and character attributes, Storyist now preserves the paragraph attributes. Previously, the paragraph attribute overrides could be lost.
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