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Newbie question about Chapters


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Hello! I'm new here and I'm new to writing and I am new to Storyist! I'm excited to find the forum!


I apologize in advance if this has been covered or if it's listed some place in the software instructions.


I was wondering if there was a way to insert a chapter. For example;

I have 20 chapters in my novel manuscript.

I had a brain storm idea come to me. So I now would like to add a new chapter in between Chapter 5 and 6.


Is that possible? And if so how?


Thank you!

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Are you on the Mac or the iPad?


On the Mac, go to chapter 5, click on it to select it. When it has a dark blue line across it, click on the gear menu at the bottom left (next to the + and the envelope icon that holds the trash). Choose "Add to " > Chapter. The chapters don't renumber automatically, though; you have to do that yourself. The easiest way is to click on them one by one and change the text in the manuscript, which changes the name in the Project View (that strip down the left).


On the iPad, click on the lines to open the iPad version of the Project View. Tap to the right of the name of the manuscript you want to add a chapter to. You see the list of existing chapters. Tap on Edit, then Chapter 5, then +, and choose Add Chapter. Type the new name and tap Done on the keyboard. Move the chapter if needed to get it in the right place. Tap Done in the top right corner to get out of editing mode.


Welcome to the forums.



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