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Breaking a manuscript into chapters


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Hi Everyone,


I am brand new to Storyist, and I am having a little trouble navigating through it, so I am hoping someone here can help me with my question.


I imported a complete first draft into Storyist that I started in Pages. I had to first export it to Word and then import it to Storyist.


It imported as one long document, and maybe even using the Blank template. The manuscript icon on the top bar is faded and un-clickable.


I have been going through the manuscript now and putting in the # to denote section breaks. What I would like to do now is group the sections into chapters, and this is where I am having problems. I can create a group, without a problem, but when I try to drag the sections to the group, they won't go. They just ping back to their original location. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Rene,


If the manuscript icon is grey, your original manuscript is probably in the trash. Just empty the trash and you should be all set. If not, edit the preferences for the file you imported and click the "Use this File" for goal tracking button.


If you want to move chapters between files, you'll want to use copy and paste. The Project view doesn't allow this. If you want to move chapters within a file, you can either drag in the Project view or use copy/paste.



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