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Export to .docx or .rtf format and images


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I want to submit my novel to an editor. Their preferred format is .docx.


1. When I export to the .docx format a lot of formating (tabs/indents especially) go lost

while the .rtf format seems to keep them. Everything is left aligned in .docx. What can I do about that? Naturally I want the

editor to see the text as close to what I formatted it in storyist.


2. Also, at the beginning of each chapter I have a little drawing inserted (works VERY nice in storyist)

and they all show up neatly when I export to ebook format (e.g. .mobi). But in the .docx or the .rft they don't

show. How can I make the images to show up there?

Again, I'd like the editor to see what I see (as close to that as possible) so s/he gets the right impression.


3. When editors use MS Word, what is the best export format in your experience?


4. Has anyone of you used BubbleCow.com editor services?


Thank your for your kind help,





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Hi, Norman, and welcome to the forums.

As you have seen, the best way is to export to RTF (text only) or RTFD (text plus images). You can open RTF files in Word or Open Office (free download) and save them to .docx from there. Do NOT use Apple Pages or TextEdit, as they will strip out your style information: the text will look fine on screen, but it will cause you problems in the long run.


If you check here, you will see a pinned post on Using Styles in Storyist and Word, which I wrote some ago. It gives step-by-step instructions for making the transition as smooth as possible.


As for the images, in my experience Word is rather stupid about images (or perhaps I am stupid about placing images in Word). Give the RTFD export a try, but you may be better off in the long run exporting the text via RTF and adding the images again in Word. Or just leave them out, unless they are essential: editors expect to deal with plain text formatted in Courier or Times; bells and whistles are actually likely to work against you rather than for you. If the editor is amenable, you could send along a PDF of the text printed from Storyist in addition to the plain text manuscript for editing.

Good luck!


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