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Storyist 3: Back to the Mac


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Hi Folks,


It has probably seemed a little quiet on the Mac front recently, but I'm happy to say that Storyist 3 is coming along nicely. In fact, it's been in private beta for a little over a year now.


Today, I'm delighted to announce that the Storyist 3 beta is available for testing to existing Storyist users, and I'd love to have your feedback--especially if you're running Yosemite.


I've set up a thread in the troubleshooting forum for discussion, so if you have questions or comments, let's continue the discussion there.




The usual beta disclaimer: Storyist 3 Beta is pre-release software. Pre-release software may crash or contain bugs. If you are uncomfortable with the idea that the software might not work as expected, please do not use the beta. Don't worry, it will be out of beta soon enough. However, if you're comfortable being uncomfortable (and have a good backup plan), by all means take it for a spin and send feedback!
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