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Don't understand Chapter/Section format


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I'm giving the Storyist 3 demo a whirl and I need help with something:


I don't need a Chapter/Section construction at all and find the whole thing confusing. I suppose some people write that way, but I cannot figure out the whole Chapter/Section template.


If I want to set up my manuscript simply as Chapters, maybe nested within Act or Part folders, should I just use blank Text files for each chapter or should I try to adapt the existing Chapter/Section template somehow?


My ideal construction would be: Manuscript (Main Folder)--Act (sub folder)--Chapters (text files within su folder). No "sections."


What is the best way to set this up? Blank text files ("Notebook Entry") or something else? Thank you!

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Hi, RobbC2, and welcome to the forums!


"Section" to Storyist just means "place that holds text." You can have one section that holds all the text for that chapter. You can go to the Sharing section and download this template or this one for stories that have Acts (Parts) as well as chapters. If you drag the template to ~/Library/Application Support/Storyist/Templates (where ~ stands for your home folder), you will see it when Storyist opens.


Or you can use the existing template but call the chapters Act I, etc., and the sections Chapter 1, etc. If you do that, you want to avoid styling the title in the manuscript with the Chapter Title style and probably should use names like "1. The Beginning" rather than "Chapter 1" to keep Storyist from creating a folder when you want a text file. There is an additional step that you have to do to list chapters in the table of contents, if you go that route, so I would try the template first.


Hope that helps.


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Thank you, Marguerite! I think the Day/Chapter/Section template looks best for my needs. I'll have to play around with it some more. I might be too used to the Scrivener or Ulysses format in the sidebar/binder, without the "sections" nesting within chapters. I also would like to be able to delineate the acts and/or chapters in the sidebar by color, to further separate them visually, but it looks like customization within the Storyist sidebar is pretty limited. Otherwise the app looks like it will be very useful -- especially with its ability to sync to the iPad. Thanks again.

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