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Coming from scrivener--index cards, very confused


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So I'm used to making index cards and then moving those cards into the manuscript as scenes which I can then expand.


Is there a way to do that here?

Seems really difficult to just add cards.

Keep having to add a new section and then rename the thing.

TOTALLY annoying.


I'm two seconds away from getting my money back.

Very frustrated.

Also can't seem to import index cards from scrivener.






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Hi Schuyler,


Cards in Storyist are attached to either sections of text or to files, depending on the outline preferences you've set for the file. In Scrivener, they're attached to files only, so there isn't a one-to-one relationship.


If you want the Scrivener behavior, turn off outlining for the file(s) you're interested in (this should already be set this way for projects imported from Scrivener).


See the attached screenshot for specifics.





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The storyboard view seems most like what I'm looking for, but is there a shortcut to add a new index card onto the cork board without going through the whole process of adding a text document, etc?


Also, can I later move all the index cards to the manuscript as scenes to expand into the story?


Sorry so many questions. Believe me, I tried looking in the manual and online first. Just could not understand what they were saying.

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OK apologies again.

Have figured out how to split the screen and see my storyboard as I write.

Still not sure what the "action" button is--is it the + in the lower left corner of the window?


last question: is there a way to number the index cards on the story board?

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Hi schuyler,


Glad you've found the split view commands. One thing that you might find useful (especially on a large monitor) is the ability to split a view multiple times (not just horizontally or vertically) as in the screenshot below. You can use the Window > Workspaces > New Workspace command to take a snapshot after you've got it set up as you want it.




The Action button is the "gear" button next to the Add (+).


There isn't a way to automatically number index cards, though you can, of course, and the numbers manually. If this is something you'd like to see, feel free to start a thread in the Feature Requests area.







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