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Storyist 3.1.2 for Mac is out


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Storyist 3.1.2 for Mac is available for download from the Storyist website. (The Mac App Store version will be available after it is approved by Apple.)


It contains bug fixes and stability enhancements. Specifically:

  • Smart copy/paste now properly inserts the appropriate whitespace when pasting text.
  • The link editor again presents text files in the link candidates list.
  • Storyist no longer creates custom sheet properties that conflict with “reserved” properties in Storyist for iOS.
  • Storyist no longer takes an exception when you switch view modes (text, outline, storyboard) or inspector modes (file, format) when there is no file displayed.
  • The editor view and inspector now show “No Selection” messages when the Project view does not have a selection and there are no items in the back/forward list.
  • Storyist now opens Scrivener files properly even if you renamed your Scrivener project and opened it in Storyist before opening it again in Scrivener. Previously, the Scrivener project would not open in certain circumstances.
  • Comments and bookmarks are no longer hidden in certain circumstances when you navigate away from a text file.
  • The “next style” and “tab style” settings are now imported when you import a style from an external style sheet.
  • The style editor no longer allows you to set two styles to be the parent style of each other.


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