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My first novel template


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Hi. I'm a new Mac Storyist user. I'm trying to create a customized novel template, but I don't have idea about to set a common markup layout (like margin, orientation, etc.). In right row I see "No format inspector". How I can to set a new one across entire novel? I also would like the possibility to rename a template previously created. Thanks in advance. (Sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning it)


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Hi Stefano,


Welcome to the forums.


The format inspector appears when you select a text file (not a folder). See the attached screenshot.




To set up your template:

  1. Edit the text styles to reflect your formatting preferences.
  2. Save the text file as a template using the File > Save as Template command. That way, the settings will be as you like them the next time you create a text file.

From your current template, it looks like you're trying to organize your manuscript into separate text files. Most Storyist users keep their chapters and sections in a single text file and use a heading-level style (like Chapter Title) to mark the chapter boundaries. Here is a screenshot. (See the Novel project template for details.)




If you do want to keep your chapters in separate files, you'll want to use text files instead of folders. See the below:




There is a downside to doing it this way, and that is that while you can assemble the separate files into an ePub or Kindle edition, you can't currently assemble them into a single PDF or text file/





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