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Storyist 3.2.2 for Mac is available


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Storyist 3.2.2 for Mac is available.


It contains bug fixes and compatibility enhancements. Specifically:

  • Storyist now imports Scrivener projects created in Scrivener v2.7 in addition to projects created in v2.6 and earlier.
  • The project view no longer displays a black background in certain circumstances on El Capitan after returning from full-screen mode.
  • The inspector now displays correctly when returning from full screen mode in dark mode on El Capitan.
  • Storyboard items now draw correctly while editing on El Capitan in cases where the zoom factor is less that 100%.
  • Vertical ruler labels are no longer truncated on El Capitan.
  • The status bar is again configurable. Changes introduced in 3.2.1 for El Capitan support prevented the status bar from being configurable in certain circumstances.


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