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Is your book available to the world?


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Hi Folks,


The Storyist Testimonials page was woefully out of date, so I've started updating it with quotes from some published authors. You'll probably recognize some of the names from this forum.


If your book (written with Storyist, of course) is now available to the world, I'd love to add it to the list. If you're interested, please get in touch here or at the support address.



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The third novel in my Russian series, Legends of the Five Directions, is now available in print and Kindle e-book. The Swan Princess is the third novel I have written entirely in Storyist.


Also, if anyone is just discovering the series, the first two books, The Golden Lynx and The Winged Horse, will be on sale (Kindle only) for 99¢ (US) or 99p (UK) from April 15 through April 17, 2016, to celebrate the official launch of Legends 3. So if you've been holding off—although the e-books were never that expensive—this is your chance to grab the first two as well as the third.


Already working on book 4, The Vermilion Bird—in Storyist, of course. :) As always, thanks for developing such a wonderful novel-writing program.





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