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Sync errors to shared dropbox folder


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I have a strange problem that happens both on my iPhone and on my iPadAir. Every time Storyist syncs, it deletes the files it currently has, claiming they've been deleted from the dropbox. When I hit sync again, it re-downloads those files. Then when I hit sync again, it deletes those files. Then when I hit sync again, it re-downloads those files...and so on.


This means I can't have auto-sync on, because I keep getting booted from my document with an error message saying "This document has been deleted by another device from the dropbox." This also means that if my shaky fingers double-tap the sync button, the file on my iPad and iPhone gets over-written by the old file (because the device re-downloaded it from dropbox).


This appears to only happen in dropbox folders that are shared with people with editing capabilities. I tried syncing to numerous folders, shared with different people, and they all caused this bug. Yet, the sync works just fine in folders that are not shared.


For reference, all my devices have the latest versions of both Storyist and Dropbox. The person who's normally shared to my folder is actually just me (my laptop needs to be synced to my lab's dropbox while my iPhone and iPad are synced to my personal dropbox, so I shared the Storyist folder between the two).


I know I can use iCloud instead, but I like the sanity saver of having access to deleted files on Dropbox.

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