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[Edit: I keep editing this post to correct my typos and every time I look back it reverts to a truncated post. Trying again for the 4th time]


Shouldn't creating a scene on an index cards be detected and use the correct formatting at the top of the card? Instead, if one creates a scene in the index card view the formatting is incorrect, it's not automatically all-cap. It also doesn't recognise previous scene headings and doesn't offer to autocomplete, as you can in text mode. Neither does it recognise the usual INT./EXT./DAY/NIGHT to autocomplete.

Sure, I can type int. office - day and have it correctly appear as INT. OFFICE - DAY, but for consistency it should allow the same type of text formatting as in text mode.
Also, it would be nice to have the fist line of the scene headings line break if too long. This would make getting an overall sense of the scenes when one can see the full scene headings.
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