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New user question: How to view Storyist like "Scrivenings"?


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I just downloaded a trial version of Storyist and like the interface a lot. I'm new to the software, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.


I'm coming over from the Scrivener universe, and one of the things I like about that software is the ability to view multiple sheets in what they call the "scrivenings" mode. I.e., you can view multiple text files or sheets in order in a single view pane (they separate the individual text files with a faded horizontal line). You can work on individual sheets, of course, but you can also view and work on a collection of sheets in a single view pane.


Does Storyist have this same feature? I can't seem to find this ability.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Wankled, and welcome to the forums,

Storyist doesn't have an exact equivalent of Scrivenings mode, because a native Storyist manuscript is a single file, like a Word document. If you are importing files from Scrivener, you won't see that, because Storyist imports each Scrivener segment as its own text file (a solution is to merge files in Scrivener before importing).


You can split the screen and view files side by side, including in different modes (as text and index cards or text and images, etc.), but you can't select a group of text files and temporarily merge them on screen as in Scrivenings mode. You need to keep the Project View open and go quickly down it with the cursor to pop each file onto the screen one at a time.



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