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I was wondering if there's a way to show a list of all my comments in a Storyist file. 

Currently, when I make a comment on a section, it's difficult for me to find at a later time to do some work on it. So what I'm doing right now is add a comment, as well as a bookmark, because bookmarks can be seen in the column on the left hand side (not sure what it's called, kind of the "file inspector"). But it occurred to me that it's twice the work, adding a comment as well as a bookmark.

So I was wondering if there is indeed a way to display my comments in a similar way to the bookmarks. Is there? And how do I do that?

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Turns out there is:

Using the Inspector (that's the panel on the right hand side), there are three little icons at the top. The one on the far right is a list of all comments. From here we can conveniently navigate to any comment, or delete the ones we no longer want so see.

Thank you, Steve!

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